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Trade Currencies, Commodities, and Bitcoin 

There's no need to fear something you haven't tried and you can try it without actually using real money. People offering any other option to make money are lying to you, most likely to get your personal information, especially those guys who say they have the blue print, after popping up from some URL forwarding page you clicked by mistake.

The first time this topic got my interest was when I bumped into a trader at a Lodge here in South Africa, He traveled a lot and traded currency and funded everything he wanted to do that way. 

A year later in 2013 I discovered Bitcoin, which at the time was selling for 400-500 Dollars, I was more interested in the Mining part of it, the Hashes that slowly builds your bitcoin as it consumes tons of energy, and heating the room.

I then did a lot of YouTube watching tutorials on how to trade, but everyone had their own way, some felt just too risky, and down right fraudulent. Still feeling undecided about Forex trading, I joined groups on Facebook, where people regularly helped one another and even post their earnings with screenshots, even though some of them might of been photo-shopped.  

I was still uncertain, so I did some research and discovered two awesome websites, that will help you on your way,


The first time I become curious about Bloomberg, was when I watched "Jobs" The movie about the life and success of Apples creator

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