DebtSafe'sDebt Consolidation Program Beats a Consolidation Loan Every Time!

Take a quick look at the major differences between a consolidation loan and the DebtSafe Debt Consolidation Program.


The loan-based consolidated instalment seldom brings sufficient cash flow relief. This is mostly because interest rates offered on consolidation loans are still high and consumers in their individual capacity seldom have the bargaining power to reduce interest rates or extend payment periods.

Application for consolidation loans are time-consuming – time you often don’t have. When you join our program, protection is immediate (and you can join within 48 hours max) and cash flow relief comes with your next paycheck.

If you’re already falling behind on your repayments you probably wouldn’t qualify for a consolidation loan. You can only get a consolidation loan when you (1) own a property and have liquidity in the property, or (2) by getting a consolidation loan at the bank, which typically has a limit of R50 000.

Consolidation loans offer ZERO legal protection of your assets against repossession.


At DebtSafe our innovative Debt Consolidation Program is backed by the Debt Review process, giving you all the benefits of debt consolidation, but with a few extras:

A seriously reduced instalment – up to 60% less.

Legal protection against creditor action – no more repossessions.

Big brother protection – we fight the battle with your creditors on your behalf and guide you every step of the way towards complete financial freedom.

Fully restore your credit record.


DebtSafe's Debt Consolidation Program Will:


All your debt is restructured into one payment plan, and regulated by an NCR approved Payment Distribution Agency. So not only is it easy but safe too.


With the law on our side, we’re able to negotiate a much better payment plan for you than if you had to do it yourself. You could pay up to 60% less of your current total instalment.


Our debt consolidation program is backed the legal debt review process, so once you enter the program, you are protected from your creditors taking legal action against you. Within a few months, your repayment plan is also formalised by a court order.


Once all your debt is settled, we send a Clearance Certificate to your creditors and the credit bureaus. With the Clearance Certificate, your creditors and the credit bureaus are required by law to remove all information about your previous debt – giving you a clear credit score.

Why Sign up with DebtSafe?

Tens of thousands of over-indebted South Africans have already joined DebtSafe to normalise their lives. Here’s why we keep receiving compliments from our satisfied clients…

When you join you will be assigned a Client Care team who will be taking care of you personally – so whenever you call they will know exactly who you are, what’s going on and what’s next.

The process is made completely transparent via the Client Portal – your personalised online platform where you can check your progress 24/7. So, you’re always in control.

Our support products are designed specifically for clients in the debt review program. In short, they put even more money back into your pocket on critical expenses such as insurance.


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Benefits Exclusive to DebtSafe Clients

A Client Care team to guide
you through the program.

Free annual
Credit Check.

Affordable Credit
Linked Insurance.

Transparency via our
Client Portal.

Let DebtSafe’s proven debt consolidation program help you to consolidate, pay less and stress less.